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My love affair with photography began during my senior year in high school when I began shooting and developing black and white images. I concentrated on the 'zone system', which is the spectrum of print values, from black to white, as advocated by such photographers as Edward Weston, Minor White, and Ansel Adams. Eventually, feeling that working with 35mm was at times too fast paced, I began working in the larger camera formats, believing that the larger formats would force me to slow down and more carefully consider the picture-taking process.

In 1985, I started to photograph with a Wista 4x5 and an antique 8x10 Kodak Series II field camera. Shooting in larger formats led me to studio work and to architectural and landscape photography in both black and white and color. After 15 years of photographing anything and everything, I decided to narrow my focus to the subjects of my greatest passion. I now specialize in medium and large format for landscapes and digital for adventure-sport photography.

As an avid traveler, I find that photography has not only allowed me to express my enthusiasm for capturing images but also to create a pictorial journal of my memories of places and experiences worldwide. Join me for a tour of some of those places and experiences.